During the practical trials we carried out over a period of five years, the most important processes that determined leaching were identified and brought into focus. Different wastes are fundamentally different in nature and different landfill sites have different compositions. Notwithstanding that fact, it was demonstrated that landfill sites behave in a similar fashion and that they are more predictable than was originally assumed.

The most important conclusions to emerge from the project were that, compared to regular landfill, with sustainable landfill:

  • emissions are lower;
  • contaminants are removed more quickly;
  • emissions can be better predicted;
  • emissions can be better controlled.

If the characteristics of the individual wastes are known, it is even possible to calculate how the landfill site will behave in the future. Work on further development of prediction techniques is currently underway.

Read more about sustainable landfill in our publications and on the website: Dutch foundation for sustainable Landfilling.

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