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Afvalzorg participated in the completed project SufalNet. With two partners, Afvalzorg managed increase the knowledge regarding landfill sites and the improvement of the regulatory framework.

In Western Europe there are approximately 150,000 former or closed landfill sites. Old landfill sites can contaminate the environment. They take up space and constitute an impediment to urban and regional development. Redevelopment of previously contaminated sites can offer a solution to the environmental and spacial problems. We were one of the three responsible partners in the European collaboration program SUFALNET (Sustainable Use of Former and Abandoned Landfills NETwork).

The aim of that project was to reduce environmental risks and stimulate sustainable re-utilisation of former waste disposal sites in Europe to increase general knowledge regarding landfill sites and, where possible, to improve the regulatory framework.
Twenty partners from twelve different EU countries worked on the project. It resulted in a model strategy and a best practises report for the investigation, aftercare and redevelopment of former landfill sites.

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