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The landfill of waste entails a number of risks. The seriousness of those risks is dependent on the type of waste.

In the case of landfill sites without bottom sealing, micro-contaminants can result in health risks due to these contaminants leaching into the groundwater. This can happen both in the immediate vicinity and at large distances from the landfill site. At the same time, a landfill site can be a source of nuisance due to dust and noxious odours carried by the wind. A well thought out site operation plan, however, can avoid and reduce this nuisance. In addition, by making the right choices during the implementation phase, efficient and safe waste processing operations can be effectively guaranteed. The operation of a landfill site also provides opportunities, such as the generation of energy from waste. 

New landfill sites should be operated in such a way that they cease to produce additional environmental risks within a generation (approximately 30 years). Afvalzorg has dedicated itself to developing this sustainable landfill approach into an accepted practice both nationally and internationally. 

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