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Emissions management

Controlling the environmental impact of a landfill site is very important. Emissions such as leachate (rain water that seeps through the landfill), landfill gas, dust and odour must be managed and avoided as far as possible.

At a well designed and managed site, the collection and treatment of leachate along with the extraction and, where possible, utilisation of landfill gas are the most important emission management tasks. A biologically-based water treatment process can ensure that leachate can be released into the surface water without creating a risk to the environment. We have extensive experience in managing a range of types of water treatment processes at our landfill sites.

Methane, one of the constituents of landfill gas, is a powerful greenhouse gas. For that reason, it is important that landfill gas is extracted as much as possible and at least flared. If the recovery takes place in an efficient way, the gas can be used to generate electricity and heat. Landfill gas is then no longer a problem but actually becomes a source of energy.

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