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Landfill gas-to-energy project Schoteroog

Green Gas production from landfill gas and biogas

In 2012 green gas (CNG) production from landfill gas and biogas started on our landfill site Schoteroog near the city of Haarlem. The landfill site is remediated and redeveloped by Afvalzorg. Instead of causing nuisance the landfill is now a beautiful recreational area on which renewable energy is being produced by wind turbines and a green gas installation.

Landfill site Schoteroog
In the 70’s municipal solid waste from the city of Haarlem and surrounding municipalities was being disposed of at landfill site Schoteroog. Afvalzorg reopened the landfill in 1995 and after closing the landfill in 1998, redeveloped the site into a beautiful recreational area. Landfill gas is recovered by Afvalzorg through horizontal wells which are installed as part of the final landfill cover.

Green gas production
Recovered landfill gas and biogas from the neighbouring waste water treatment plant is processed in a cryogenic installation on the landfill. The green gas produced by the installation owned by GtS and Essent feeds green gas into the natural gas grid. There is also the possibility to produce liquid natural gas (LNG). Recovered carbon dioxide is liquefied and sold to a.o. green houses.

More information: Richard Gronert

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