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Landfill gas-to-energy project Nauerna

Direct use of landfill gas for heating water purification plant, office and green house.

Since 2012 the plants of bromeliads breeding company Corn. Bak are growing on heat generated by utilisation of landfill gas. The green house complex of Corn. Bak is situated near our 80 hectare landfill site Nauerna. All the renewable energy produced from landfill gas which is not used on the landfill site is sold the green house owner. A great example of synergy between landfill owner and its surroundings.

Landfill gas generation and recovery
Because landfill site Nauerna receives low organic waste streams, landfill gas production is relatively low. Calculations with the Afvalzorg Multi Phase Model show a landfill gas generation rate of about 600 m3 lfg/h in 2013. Landfill gas recovery is being done by a combination of horizontal and vertical wells.

Heat distribution network
Recovered landfill gas is being utilised in two boilers connected to a heat distribution network. Heat is distributed through a 3,6 km long isolated network to the leachate purification plant and the main office of Afvalzorg situated on the landfill. At our office heat is both used for warming as well as cooling of the building. All excessive heat is sold to the green house complex of Corn. Bak.

Revenues generated are all used to maximise emission reduction on our landfill site Nauerna. This project significantly contributes to our emission reduction goals.

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