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October 2012

Afvalzorg welcomes South African Waste-to-Energy delegation

Today a South African delegation of about 20 persons visited our landfill facility Nauerna in Assendelft. The delegation consisted of representatives of Eskom, the biggest producer and distributor of electricity in Africa, and a number of South African municipalities.

The visit to our facilities was part of the "Waste-to-Energy mission"  which lasted for five days and was organized by Agentschap NL together with the Dutch embassy in South Africa. The purpose was to gather information about waste management in the Netherlands. Special attention of course was paid to how to use waste, landfill sites en methane gas for the production of sustainable energy. 

At Afvalzorg the focus was on landfill gas-to-energy projects. Waste is a huge problem for cities and towns across the world and cities in South Africa are no exception. Lack of financial means and knowledge are the main cause of these problems. Landfill gas-to-energy projects can provide a solution for this. It offers the possibility to generate revenues from waste, improves waste management and results in significant emission reduction of greenhouse gasses.

Richard Gronert, project manager landfill gas at Afvalzorg, presented the delegation members the vision of Afvalzorg on landfill gas-to-energy projects and provided the delegation members with practical solutions on how to get started. The visit was concluded with a tour on our 80 hectares landfill. If desired Afvalzorg will extend this first introduction on landfill gas-to-energy projects with on-site assistance together with the South African delegation members.

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